Below The Line: Trump


I agree. This is a depressing article. But for me it is this identifier that caps it’s over the top pessimism: “…the wife of the man…” Hilary Clinton cast as ‘the wife of the man’ in multiple insinuations, is both insulting and negating. The monied may be diverting to her, but that is not her reaching out as much as it is them reaching away from someone so lunatic and unpredictable, they can’t support him. That she believes in working across the aisle might hamstring her policy objectives, but it is not in itself a sellout position. Nor is it true that she has repudiated the leftward platform of the convention, which contains goals that work explicitly against the failed neoliberal economics that have landed younger generations in hopeless spirals of educational debt, have targeted black Americans with a level of injustice and harm that recalls the days of Jim Crowe and that has cultivated a permissive space for violent incitement that encourages racist violence and even the rejection of facts and sanity themselves. Hilary Clinton represents hope for the resumption of an egalitarian and progressive political process and spectrum. And therein is an explicit place for Bernie Sanders and what he represents and has galvanised.

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