mens rea

I watched Megan Kelly tell off Newt Gingrich on a youtube clip this morning. i felt like writing to thank her and to say I admired her composure and adroitness as she handled his screeching man-rage. Better her than me. I don’t really understand her standpoint, how she relates to the conservatism she occupies in the public eye. i couldn’t do it, even if i was paid a lot for it. There are some things money can’t buy. Authenticity is one of them. Some things you have to occupy, to assert. Or at least I do.

I developed a cold yesterday. It came on after the interminable upright MRI appointment that I chose because I thought it would be less traumatic to do. But it took so long, I couldn’t complete it as it was too painful. This was harder than being claustrophobic. The cold is making me feel even worse than it would have in the past. At least the vocal therapist rang me yesterday and told me to stop worrying about suffocating as that wouldn’t happen. Even if the strangulated feeling in my throat keeps making me panic about it. This wasn’t surprising advice as I already knew I was bringing this on myself. But as she was sympathetic, her advice was still reassuring.

So what is a guilty conscience or motive? And how is it relevant to the situation today. We can turn the question outward to the various demagogic wannabes who preach the line that resonates with so many — why should I pay for other people’s problems? Why indeed. I tossed this over in my mind last night when I was trying to fall asleep. I don’t know a rejoinder that might reach such a person. i don’t understand the sentiment at all. Why wouldn’t you want to pay in to a system that is there for everyone? I am ringside at the collapse of the NHS. Why do the people who want that collapse want it? Because it doesn’t affect them one way or the other? But then why not shore it up. Meaning little argues for the ethical position. Ethical in the levinasian sense. The impetus or feeling to care for the other.

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