Losing interest in food

I’ve lost my appetite. I’m not sure why. i haven’t lost weight so I will try not to worry about it too much. Maybe it’s drugs making food taste off. today, maybe its the flu, making it hard to get anything down. I know its not a goos thing. And i both miss wanting to eat and am amazed in retrospect how much i did eat and it wasn’t that long ago. G brought back food for lunch from Mariano’s. Shepherd’s pie. I keep going for odd things like that, that i never really used to eat or like. Earlier in the week I ordered Cheetos from Amazon. I thought about my mom’s green bean and cream of mushroom soup casserole and her consomme rice. I called her to ask how to make them. Childhood foods. I picked at them then. So I don’t know why I think I want them now.

It turns out its a very bad thing for cancer patients like me to get the flu.

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