passing time

G is taking lola later to the vet to have her nails clipped. i don’t like when she is out of the house. I worry something will happen to her. But she needs it done as her claws keep catching in the throw and she could tear one of them trying to escape.She doesn’t like the laptop and has just gone to her crate. She doesn’t seem to mind the iPad and will stay with me when I’m using it. i am just passing time now. i am going back to bed once the sheets are put on to it. Still too sick to sit here.

I have been having weird dreams. This morning while G was taking a walk, I dreamt that we were at a deli in los angeles and i asked him if he would split a tuna melt with me. When he came home, I told him about the dream and asked him if he even liked tuna melts. He said he does. Good, I said. Because the dream seemed very self serving to me. He said, didn’t Freud say all dreams are self serving? I don’t know. I don’t think thats what he said. But I don’t remember now. Freud on dreams was not something I paid much attention to.

I spent time this morning looking at the Marianos menu. I keep doing that. Looking at menus thinking that this might make me feel like eating.

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