I’ve spent a good part of this morning trying various ways to access the contract from palgrave. Not only did they fail to send it to me directly, they are using an online document programme which prevents authors from printing out the contract or forwarding it. Essentially, making it impossible to take advice on the terms. Not only does this shock me, but I can see it is an escalation of the entitlements of publishers at the expense of authors. I am sick of this situation. I wrote and asked them to send me a hard copy, or failing that, the means to print out the contract terms so that I can review it in detail, without the implicit coercion of a site that demands a signature and at the same time makes it nigh impossible to interrogate, let alone negotiate terms. This document programme has no other purpose than coercion. It would be far simpler to send an email attachment. interestingly, unlike previous contract I have been asked to sign of late, this includes a pittance of consideration. Twenty pieces of silver against ourselves. A surety of self betrayal and the annihilation of our works. I am sick of this business model — which is in fact a stupid one, designed to not make money ultimately. A tax on academics, and then garbage.

I wonder now if i have a pathological fracture in my arm and the pain in my shoulder is not a normal frozen shoulder, but encroaching cancer too. Ages ago i asked to have this scanned but it didn’t happen. Like everything else, allowed to drift into catastrophe, until i am trapped in it with no remedy in sight. Just agony of endurance. As if there is a choice. The z pack is making me sick to my stomach. Or maybe the other drugs. Anyway, I can’t concentrate.

Lola gave up asking to sit on my lap. She is demanding like that. But she gave up when I didn’t respond. It hurts to have her sit there.

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