this fight is on

How does a fight start? How does one decide that it is time. How do we let go of the impulse to be polite, or accommodating, or intimidated, or cautious? How do we come to act against a system, where our positions are precarious, or as they are in some quarters, reviled, cast as pointless, or pathetic, or pampered.  This is a very small skirmish in the scale of all the things wrong. It is a small piece of the world. But it is my world. It is our labour. It is one piece of justice. On faith, or in the admittedly grandiose hope at least, that the converse is also true: justice anywhere is hope for justice everywhere.

And indeed. As one of the loathsome trump team (David A Clarke Jr) has said — it is pitchfork and torches* time in America. But it will be our pitchforks and our torches. I feel this.

*(see Seth Myers. November 13 2016 ‘ Donald Trump’s First Moves as President: A Closer Look’

[what we sent tom Palsgrave today}

Dear —
We have now had a chance to review the contract in detail and taken some preliminary legal advice, and we must inform you that we are extremely surprised at the unprecedented overreach and disrespect for authors that its provisions represent. We will follow up with a more detailed, clause specific analysis. But for the moment we must inform you that in order to enter an agreement with Palgrave with respect to our work, we will expect the terms of the contract to be significantly revised, such that it represents a properly reciprocal rather than adhesion agreement, and such that it represents a fair exchange between ourselves and the publisher. We will look forward to further discussion with you about this.

All best,

Debbie and Deborah

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