dry places

I am trying to do this now because I am running out of steam. The new sofa looks nice, but is too hard for me to sit on. Or maybe everything is. I have tried to jury rig some softer cushions but it isn’t working. I need something that distributes my weight, is very soft and doesn’t push back. I don’t know what that would look like. Something to prevent bed sores i suppose, but not sure where to look to order that. Its probably on amazon, but I haven’t been able to find something that sounds right. Normally I’m good at searches. But coming up short on this.

My mouth is always dry. Another dead end for searching because it isn’t clear why. But its very difficult to deal with.

All I can think of today is me and how bad I feel. It shuts out the world, which is also a dreadful place in so many ways, more now than before the election. The world is a more worthy place to contemplate. But I can’t manage it today. And shut in with just me is not a nice place to be.


R and L are coming over today. But I’m not sure how I’ll manage it. Just trying a different chair took me to pieces earlier. I’m getting to tired for people. G says I don’t have to do anything; I don’t have to be a host and everyone will understand. So the problem is me. I don’t understand.

I found popsicle trays on line. I’m thinking we can make our own out of diluted juice. So they aren’t too sweet. I’ve gone off sweet and salt, and food in general. And I’m starting not to care. I hope what GH said is right. I’ll just get tired. And sleep a lot. And it won’t hurt.

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