I think of you

I remember love

It burned inside my heart

And rushed along my skin

I held it there

the dream

of you


it was

oh love was fire

I was alive


goodbye (Variation)

when I /



finally /

                    my voice stunned

before the end of this day


grey /



struck ice /

                    we shivered

this estrangement


how /

could you


shrunken /

                 bone cold

know yourself


or my /



for what I called it /


what we called it


when /

we spoke


intimately /

                 my jaw shook

with the effort


stone /



caught my throat /

                 we had

no language for that


how /

could it


happen /

                 that terror



            rock our flesh


like this


crawling /

                 stunned goodbye

from our lips?



neither of these poems were about me . until now. when they are. unimaginable twist of fate. and what is lost is me. have to relearn to type again. hands not working now. stylus hard on a laptop. haven’t figured it out.


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